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ØL Spelt

63 cl •5,5

In the municipality of Thisted, we are so lucky to house the first Danish micro maltery. The local farm Gyrup grows organic wheat, rye and barley, and today the grains are malted and roasted at the farms own facilities.

To celebrate this possibility, Thisted Bryghus launched ØL Spelt in the beginning of 2018, brewed exclusively with organic malts and grains from Gyrup.

The characteristics of ØL Spelt are focused on the grain part of the recipe, with Spelt and Wheat Malt adding freshness and fruitiness to the beer. ØL Spelt is mildly hopped with organic Cascade hops.

The style is Blonde Beer fermented with Belgian ale yeast.

Perfect match for meals with vegetables or light meat.

Best served at 6-8˚C



Per 100 g:  
Energy: Kcal/ KJ
Fat:  g
Carbohydrate:  g
Sugars:  g
Proteine:  g

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