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Jack & Beer

50 cl •8,0

Based on the recipe of our lava stone lagered ”Julestenøl”, we created this new classic beer. During the long cold lagering, oak staves are added along with lava stones with the purpose to mature the beer. Later we add American Bourbon Whiskey directly into the matured beer.

The oak notes and whiskey combines in this beer to a smoother and easier drinkable version of “Stenøl”, with a very broad appeal. In fact so broad, that Jack & Beer was voted new Danish Beer of the year 2017.

Best served at 8-12˚C



Allergens: Barley malt
Per 100 g:  
Energy: 64 Kcal/268 KJ
Fat: 0 g
Carbohydrate: 4,7 g
Sugars: 0,3 g
Proteine: 0,5 g

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